Monday, June 17, 2013

Will There Really be FIVE THOUSAND people moving into Lynn Valley?

Short answer: maybe some day.

Long answer: the proposed plans suggest an increase in population over the next twenty years.

Yes. Twenty years.

So it's not sensible to paint a picture of thousands of people arriving overnight and overwhelming transit, roads, parks, and schools.

And most of that new residential development is expected to be town houses and low-rise development, not towers.

Regardless of what a twenty year plan might suggest, the proposals currently on the table (Bosa and Safeway)  have asked for two 6 floor towers, one 14 floor, and two 22 floor buildings, with just over 600 residential units.  At current family sizes for the DNV of 3.1, that might add 1800 people, not  5000.

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  1. Barry, The Canada census data suggest far lower occupancy levels than 3.1 person per unit for townhomes.

    Currently apartment occupancy levels are approximately 1.25/unit, having fallen from 1.4 over the past 20 years. A more realistic occupancy level for townhomes would be in the range of 2.4-2.6/unit.

    This trend of lower occupancy levels is most likely to continue into the future, given our aging demographic, low birth rates and number of childless couples.

    All put together, and given the unit configurations, the 600 units initially proposed by Bosa would likely generate far less than even the 1,800 new residents figure.

    Doug C.