Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Target is Coming to Lynn Valley! Well, Actually not.

One of the ongoing rumours around Lynn Valley Centre is that Target will be taking over the old Zellers space.

Today I received confirmation from Bosa Developments that this is not true.

Looking at the size and configuration of the Zellers space, and the limited amount of parking around it, I'd be hard pressed to think of a large retailer that would be interested.

Large retail these days is in the Big Box model, which wants a lot more floor space than Lynn Valley Centre can offer, and enough parking to handle a clientèle that's drawn from a region, not just a neighbourhood.  Although Target is opening some small stores - small being 125,000 sq ft - those stores are designed for urban areas with high population densities.

Looking at the major retailers who are moving into Canada, it's pretty clear that none of them are too likely to see Lynn Valley Zellers space as a priority location.

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