Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Get Letters!

We've added a page for letters.  Not so much letters raving about this site - and we've had a few - but a place for letters to politicians, to the North Shore News, to the Outlook.

It's important for all of us to understand that we're part of a large group of Lynn Valleyites who understand that it's time to revitalize and invigorate this community; that there are fiscal and corporate realities involved in this process; that really tall buildings do mean the downfall of civilization; and that new people moving here are not all criminals, drug addicts, and "renters."

In particular it's important to understand that the lack of pro-development Letters in the local news media does not mean that people aren't writing them - it just means that they're not being published.

Today we kick off our Letters page with three letters to the North Shore News that you haven't been able to read.

Your submissions, to politicians, to the local media, and to us, are heartily encouraged!


  1. One thing Barry has not realized is the fact that STOPHIGHRISES has built their resistance movement over the past year and there is a lot of support.

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  3. Hey! Go to North Vancouver's own political BLOG dedicated to North Vancouver's political players and the decisions that shape our community.