Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DNV Takes the First Step Forward on Lynn Valley

Last night the DNV Council approved the following:

 "Develop a Planning Framework to guide decision-making (generally based on a 5- storey height limit with maximum 8 storeys at strategic locations; additional height considered on a case-by-case basis). "

This should be the first step in the process that leads to the redevelopment of the Lynn Valley Centre and surrounding properties.

The official notice from Council is here.

News Update


October 8, 2013

North Vancouver District Council adopts Flexible Framework
for future development in Lynn Valley Town Centre

North Vancouver District Council took a close look at the realities and facts of Lynn Valley Town Centre planning at their meeting last night and staked out a way forward.

At issue were two possible approaches to guiding new development over the next 20 years. The first option was to enshrine in policy an absolute height limit of five storeys across the town centre. The second option, recommended by staff and adopted by Council, was a "flexible planning framework‟ that allows heights of predominantly five storeys, increasing to eight storeys at strategic locations.

The framework also provides the flexibility to receive community input on and review, on a case-by- case basis, applications for developments that exceed eight stories. In adopting the framework Council set a height limit of 12 storeys for those specific locations.

Council arrived at this point after a rigorous and wide-ranging community consultation with 950 residents, during which they received over 1,400 submissions, distinctly focussed on Lynn Valley Town Centre. This was in addition to a previous public consultation program which reached over 5,000 people and resulted in the Official Community Plan being adopted by Council in 2011.

After much analysis, Planning staff provided Council with a side-by-side comparison of the trade-offs between the five storey absolute height limit and the flexible framework model. Highlights of the benefits of the flexible framework approach include:

  • addition of a large local park as well as more public spaces and pocket green spaces
  • the ability to create enough critical mass to support provision of enhanced transit service
  • road dedication for a transit exchange along East 27th Street
  • the ability to protect views in public spaces and avoid excessive shading from buildings
  • enhancement of the area‟s ecology, including stream enhancement
  • 45 – 60 percent difference in the dollar value of Community Amenity Contributions and Development Cost Charges (funds received from developers in exchange for additional density that help pay for highly-valued neighbourhood features such as daycare spaces, new parks, public plazas, walking trails, stream enhancements, etc.)
  • increased economic opportunity by creating and maintaining a vibrant business community that enables and encourages a walkable streetscape
  • the ability to more closely dictate and monitor the character of new buildings to meet the community's desired "mountain village‟ aesthetic
  • more diverse and plentiful mix of housing types suitable for seniors and young families

The flexible framework allows the District to continue to meet objectives already adopted in the Official Community Plan around transportation, housing, parks and open spaces, economic vibrancy, the environment and the social well-being of the population, while acknowledging community concerns about rapid or extreme change, cookie-cutter design, shading from buildings, and transportation improvements. It also allows the community to help shape the future look, feel and functionality of the area by being involved in redevelopment proposals and rezonings for the town centre, particularly those that ask to exceed eight storeys and build towards the 12 storey limit that Council has set.

Mayor Walton said, “I‟m pleased that, with the help of the Community, Council has landed on a balanced approach that takes into consideration all viewpoints and provides a clear path forward for rejuvenation of the Lynn Valley Town Centre.”

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North Vancouver District Communications Office


View the full Council report from the October 7 North Vancouver District Council Meeting

North Vancouver District

355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC


Document: 2195101

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